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0001436: [BUG] FileDirectory root

I'm working on Windows XP. When I ask for the root file directory
(FileDirectory root)
I get an empty directory (FileDirectory on: ' ') which refer to the
image directory.
It works well for creating subdirectories
FileDirectory root createDirectory: 'MyDir'.

"However, when I try to retreive the created subDir
FileDirectory root directoryNamed: 'MyDir'

FileDirectory root createDirectory: 'MyDir'.
"Answers the parent dir (FileDirectory root) instead of the created dir
(MyDir) as I first expected
... It seems strange to me..."
Doesn't seem to be an issue on mac osx/unix. Is it still troublesome in windows?

12-07-15 13:27   
I am looking into this issue and it strikes me as rather twisted.

The main issue is, that the empty string as a path is ambiguously handled in the DosFileDirectory:

(FileDirectory on: '') directoryNames "Returns the drives of the system"

(FileDirectory on: '') createDirectory: 'TestDir' "Creates a directory in the image folder"

I think the empty string should be consistent with other platforms and refer to the image folder. Any other opinions or experiences why this works like that?