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1473 Tools minor always 07-15-05 18:30 03-03-11 07:29
0001473: [BUG] 3.86461 DictionaryInspector broken
Not sure why anyone thought it was a good idea to include the {self
'all inst var' tally array} entries in the list of entries for a
DictionaryInspector but in the process the 'references' facility was

>From a UI perspective I suggest that a dashline ought to go between the
above and the actual dictionary entries, to make it clear that they
are different and have different meaning. Better yet, maybe have two
separate list morphs with the appropriate different menus.

The current code will happily let you try to find refences to 'array'
or to rename it etc. Dumb...

I was going to suggest some workaround code but after thinking about it
for a moment I actually prefer the idea of adding the extra list for
the dictionary entries. This would involve overriding the various
openOn:... methods in Inspector class and then correctingthe instance
code in DictionaryInspector. No time to do that right now since I'm
trying to find a VM bug.

10-05-05 01:43   
Still there in Squeak 3.8 6665
nicolas cellier   
02-16-11 01:14   
Still alive in trunk post 4.2
03-03-11 07:29   
I think the extra list is the best option. It could be used by other inspectors too. The best would be to refactor all inspectors.