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new 3.8  
0001478: [BUG] WeakArray and storeString
"Pavel Krivanek" <>:
>WeakArrays cannot be stored using storeString.
>WeakArray new storeString --> '#()'

In this case, it should result in something like 'WeakArray new'. Like it
is now, using Object>>readFrom: on the string will result in an Array, instead
of WeakArray.
Tested on 3.8-6665.

nicolas cellier   
07-29-06 02:37   
Anyway, using storeString with a WeakArray has not much sense:

storeString would not preserve objects identity: code generated would create copies of shared objects when readFrom:

Thus, the resulting WeakArray (if class preserved) would loose all its contents at next garbage collection.

storeString really is a message for simple objects tree. Avoid using on complex object graphs.

See package ProgramRebuilder at VW cincom public store for getting a refactoring idea of storeString.