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0001480: [BUG] Resizing components in a SystemWindow can prevent you from resizing the window
"Frank Shearar" <>:

I opened a "senders of" on a method (#globalPointToLocal:, but this
should be arbitrary). I resized the top PluggableList on its downward
edge so the lower PluggableText's scroll bar was larger than the
PluggableText: I couldn't resize the MessageSet's SystemWindow until
I'd shrunk the top PluggableList so that the PluggableText's scroll
bar was once again smaller than the PluggableText's height.

It looks like the mouse events go to the PluggableText rather than the
SystemWindow because it sticks out below the SystemWindow.

Perhaps it should have a minimum height equal to its scrollbar?
Perhaps something like

foo minimumExtent: (self owner width)@(self scrollbarHeight) ?

Hm, actually I see a ScrollPane does something like that. Perhaps then
the layout needs to work out a maximum extent for a widget?

related to 0001849closed  3.9 sub-window resize handles can cause strange results when dragged outside window 

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