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151 Network minor always 09-17-04 00:14 12-10-05 21:12
0000151: MailMessage cannot send to more than one email address
In the MailComposition (MailMessage) window which comes up when doing
'mail to list' from the changesorter, or 'mail out bug report' from the
debugger, or 'email package maintainers' from SqueakMap, etc., it
doesn't seem possible to send the email to more than one address.
(Yes, this means that 'email package maintainers' in SM doesn't work
after all if there is more than one maintainer :-( ... )

I'm not sure now if the problem is in MailMessage or in
SMTPClient>>recipient:. (I guess the DecentReviewerNotePad in BFAV
sends to multiple To: address somewhat successfully, but it uses
multiple To: fields which has the side-effect of confusing some email
clients, and is not RFC822 approved.)

I tested this three different ways, by editing the contents of the To:
portion of the MailComposition window, with the results below....

- Doug

Test 1: ------------------------

Subject: Regarding Whisker Browser


-> 553 5.1.3 <,>... Invalid
route address

Test 2: ------------------------

To: <>, <>
Subject: Regarding Whisker Browser


-> no error, but email only gets sent to the last address. (SMTPClient
adds brackets around the whole To list, like this:
"<<>, <>>"

Test 3: ------------------------

Subject: Regarding Whisker Browser


-> 553 5.1.3 <,>... Invalid
route address

Transferred from BFAV2 ID 23377 reported by Doug Way <>
related to 0001601assigned gokr Squeak [ENH] HeaderFolding-klc 
related to 0001441closed gokr Squeak Packages [BUG] BFAV multiple To: headers 
 MailMessageTo-fbs.cs.gz [^] (849 bytes) 08-04-05 00:03
 MailMessageTo-fbs.1.cs.gz [^] (1,049 bytes) 08-04-05 00:13

08-04-05 00:01

"Change Set: MailMessageTo-fbs
Date: 29 June 2004
Author: Frank Shearar

Currently MailMessage allows all sorts of undesirable occurences, like
allowing multiple To lines. RFC 2822 forbids this. This changeset
supplies a protocol that, if used, guarantees that you can add as many
recipients as you like to a MailMessage while maintaining a single To

Too, this changeset moves MailMessage to the Network-RFC822-Tests

(attaching MailMessageTo-fbs.cs.gz)
08-04-05 00:03

"Definition for MailMessageTest seems to be missing from this changeset.
Would like to approve this soon if possible!"
08-04-05 00:06   
Doug Way <>:

"MailMessage is definitely in need of some help. Most annoying is that
there are getters/accessors for "to", "cc" and other commonly used
fields, but no setters... you have to call setField:/setFields: with a
hardcoded 'to' string, etc.

Maybe this should just be cleaned up in 3.8. Although this changeset
is a reasonable first step. (Except it's missing the test class
definition for some reason.)"
08-04-05 00:09   
"Frank Shearar" <>:

"This contains the class definition (which my image had from Ken Causey's
HeaderFolding-klc changeset)."

(attaching MailMessageTo-fbs.1.cs.gz)
08-04-05 00:13

"Hm, I just noticed the reorganization thingy in the end of my v2
changeset references a nonexistent method - I hope this doesn't cause
trouble, but it can just be axed."
08-04-05 00:15

"This is not really the fault of Frank's changeset, but it seems that
MailMessage still needs more work. If I create a MailMessage and use
addRecipient:, I can add a few To: addresses, which show up successfully
as separated by commas in the To: field of the MailMessage editor. But
MailMessage still tries to wrap angle brackets around everything in the
To: field when it gets sent. Like this:


...which my SMTP server rejects."
08-04-05 00:17   
The first message cannot be filed in because it attempts to add methods to a class not defined in 3.8-6665-basic. The second files in without errors and the included tests pass. I did not test or examine it further.