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0001526: [ENH] FTPDragNDrop-nk

"from preamble:

"Change Set: FTPDragNDrop-nk
Date: 26 January 2005
Author: Ned Konz

Extends the drag'n'drop behavior of the FileList to allow dragging:

file to file (it already did this)
file to FTP server
FTP server to file
FTP server to FTP server

You will probably need the FTPBinaryModeFix-nk and the
FileListRenameFix-nk as well as the
FileListRemoteDirectoryExceptionHandling-nk change sets that I posted
earlier to make this really work.

parent of 0001523new  [FIX] FTPBinaryModeFix-nk 
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 FTPDragNDrop-nk.cs.gz [^] (1,296 bytes) 07-22-05 19:57

07-22-05 20:08   
When moving this item to Mantis, I did following:

    - verified that the above mentioned required
FileListRenameFix-nk as well as the
FileListRemoteDirectoryExceptionHandling-nk are already in 3.8-6665 final.
    - installed required FTPBinaryModeFix-nk

Then succesfully installed this Changeset in 3.8-6665.

Then I succesfully Dragged and Dropped a file name README from the FileList from the archive! (which I think is the point of this enhancement).

The only note is that the Drag and drop "gesture" seems unusual, one has to highlight (focus) the file first, then Shift+MouseDrag will do the Drag/Drop.
07-22-05 20:12   
I should have said that my test did test only the FTP Server ==> File "portion" of this Drag and Drop enhancement, not FTP ==> FTP Server or File ==> FTP Server.