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1585 Network feature always 08-01-05 14:13 04-04-06 09:35
closed 3.9  
0001585: Socket: Methods from Oldsocket
Change Set: Socket
Date: 3 November 2004
Author: Edgar J. De Cleene

This methods what once we have in OldSockets are needeed
related to 0002111closed KenCausey Removing references to #halt 
related to 0001615closed gokr [ENH] RemoveOldSocket 
 6420-6366Socket.cs [^] (4,003 bytes) 08-01-05 14:13
 OldSocket [^] (22,896 bytes) 08-15-05 17:30

08-15-05 17:31   
I added the examples from the old socket class. No idea if the are working, but if they do, they might be a good thing to add back
12-13-05 00:02   
Ok, the .cs above is not interesting. AFAICT all methods have a newer counterpart in the "new" Socket class, except for getObject and sendObject: - and those do not IMHO belong in the Socket class. If you one want to send serialized objects a protocol class should have that code - and I am guessing that RMT (or any of all those RPCish packages) has this.

Now I am looking into converting the methods on the class side of OldSocket (examples and tests) to the new protocols.
12-14-05 10:11   
Ok, finally I have figured out why loopbackTest was broken (!) - which I discovered when porting it over to 3.9a. It turned out that at least one method in Socket is buggy in 3.7+ (and in 3.6 loopbackTest didn't work either, but that part has been fixed earlier).

While digging I also fixed some redundant internal calls in Socket etc. So this is now fixed in my dev image and will be posted soon on the Network repo.
04-03-06 18:22   
gokr actually posted this fix as [^]