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1593 Any major always 08-02-05 13:33 08-02-05 13:33
0001593: test-tiles lost functionality
when dragging a "5 repeat [aBlock]"-Tile from the 'test and repeat' category of the viewer flap, dropping it onto the background, I would expect a Scriptor to open, holding this tile. I would also expect to be able to drop that tile into a place that accepts this type of Block-Tiles (i.e.: "false yes: [aBlock] no: [aBlock]").

These two things do not work at all, thus working with the "5 repeat [aBlock]" is not possible.

same goes for the "false yes:[aBlock] no:[aBlock] "-Tile

others seem to work fine
This still works fine when using the impara iTweak3.8-6665 image. The bug occurs only AFTER updating to the latest Version using the Tweak update feature.

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