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0001608: [BUG][FIX] Morphic: File Selection Dialog
>De: Boris Gaertner []
>Asunto: Re: [BUG][FIX] MVC: File Selection Dialog (shows another
>I tried to execute
> (PluggableFileList oldFileMenu: (FileDirectory on: 'c:\windows\fonts'))
> startUpWithCaption: 'Select a File, please:'
>in a Mrophic project and receive a strange effect, that I cannot quickly
>I put that statement into a workspace that I place more or less centered
>on the screen. When I execute the statement, the selection dialog is
>displayed above the workspace. This looks good, but as soon as a
>call up one of the menues of the dialog, the selected text of the workspace
>comes into the foreground.
>I think that in PluggableFileList>>open one should have something like
> Smalltalk isMorphic
> ifTrue: [<...>]
> ifFalse: [<...>]
>I tried to do that, the result can be found in MorphicFSD.1.cs
>In SystemWindow>>update: I added a reaction to the
>message #close.
>In PluggableFileList>>openAsMorphLasbel:inWorld:
>I added an event loop. The condition of the loop uses the
>fact that the model of a SystemWindow is niled when the
>window is deleted.
>I am not very experienced user of the Morphic interface,
>so comments are highly wellcome.

if you use the closeButton you'll get a walkback.

btw, this is pretty similar to FileList2 modalFileSelector
 MorphicFSD.1.cs.gz [^] (1,279 bytes) 08-04-05 01:03

08-04-05 01:03

"[er][et] Looks good"
08-04-05 01:04   
I loaded this changeset successfully into a 3.8-6665-basic image but did not test it further.
04-01-06 20:44