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1613 Kernel minor always 08-05-05 00:09 03-01-06 19:02
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0001613: [ENH] truncatedChanges-ls
from preamble:

"Change Set: truncatedChanges-ls
Date: 4 September 2003
Author: Lex Spoon

Handle truncated changes files more gracefully. The problem actually
can happen, and has been observed at Georgia Tech, e.g. if someone
downloads a file but does not complete the download. The current
behavior is that pink debuggers pop up; this is extremely confusing for
new users when it happens in places like the Browser.

The solution in this changeset is to fall back on the decompiler. A
more thorough solution should probably trigger a systematic invalidation
of all source pointers past the end of the changes file, because as time
goes on the changes file will eventually grow large enough to cover the
lost code and the routine will start returning random method code for
the invalid source pointers."
 truncatedChanges-ls.cs.gz [^] (1,333 bytes) 08-05-05 00:09
 truncatedChanges-ls.1.cs.gz [^] (1,270 bytes) 08-06-05 17:26
 truncatedChanges39-md.1.cs [^] (2,180 bytes) 02-28-06 19:02

08-05-05 00:09

"[er] looks good"
08-05-05 00:11   

I was able to file this into a 3.8-6665-basic image without errors. However this changeset includes a SLIP redefining FileStream class>>concreteStream undoing a Multilingualization related change. I don't think this method was meant to be included.
08-05-05 15:44   
Yes, that concreteStream method should never end up in a FIX changeset. It is surely an accident that it's in there.

08-05-05 17:41   
So is this still relevant enough for you to provide a corrected changeset?
08-06-05 17:32   
New version updated that does not include the method.

I have not tested this in current Squeak's, but it is just a few lines of code and it looks like it will still have its intended effect in newer Squeak.

I do think this is still worth considering of inclusion. Without this change, a truncated changes file can cause the system browser to pop up pink pre-debug windows.

Better fixes are possible. It would be best to check the changes file at startup and then, if there is a problem, repair the image to be consistent. At least, though, this change set cures the most common symptom.
03-01-06 19:02