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165 Jabber feature always 09-22-04 13:08 09-22-04 13:08
0000165: [BUG] Jabber - fails for unknown tags
Subject: [BUG] Jabber - fails for unknown tags
Author: Avi Bryant
Date Posted: 26 June 2003
Archive ID: 10786
Comments: Michael,

I had to do two things to get the Jabber client to work for me. One was
to add (stub) support for the "jabber:iq:version" namespace and the "get"
query - I guess not all servers ask the client for version, but mine does?
I'm not attaching a changeset of my modifications because they don't
actually do anything - the better, more general solution would be to
silently ignore any namespaces and tags that were not yet supported... I
imagine you have "self halt" everywhere instead because it's easier to
debug, but that's less useful when you're not trying to add features.

The other was that I had to manually tell the buddy list morph to
#startStepping before I received any messages. I haven't looked yet to
see why that isn't happening automatically.


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