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1801 Morphic minor always 09-16-05 03:07 02-23-06 20:12
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0001801: The objects catagory for tools is overloaded. The first time it is call it takes forever to load.
In a fresh squeak 6690 e.g. from the world menu obtain the objects morph. Press the tools catagory.

And wait.......... ....... ....... .......
There are upwards of 15 tools most in system window (lots of submorphs).
The initial initialization is grandly long.

Later uses are ok some cache must have been filled.

Suggestion is to break up the tools into several catagories to limit the initialzation hit.

It would also be productive to fill the cache early or have some way of preloading it during idle moments.

See a picture of the current tools catagory in 6690 it is big.
 Objects-Tools.gif [^] (13,648 bytes) 09-16-05 03:07

02-23-06 20:12   
not reproducable in 3.9a7002 (pressing on tools button is fast...)