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0000184: File not found messages before fonts are fixed
Attached screenshot shows a notifier where the TTF fonts look "transposed". The effect happens when an image is shipped from a platform to one with opposite endianness and a notifier occurs before #restoreEndianness is executed. E.g., ShortPointArray, ShortRunArray etc. should probably #startUp before FileDirectory and friends (which bring up the notifier).
 MissingFiles.JPG [^] (113,713 bytes) 09-24-04 02:28
 TTCFontShutDown.1.cs [^] (870 bytes) 10-07-04 23:43

10-07-04 23:42   
Maybe this is related?

Subject: [FIX] Moving images with TTCFonts between different endian platforms
Author: Doug Way
Date Posted: 10 March 2004
Archive ID: 20887

Just wanted to forward this to the list to get this into the BFAV. This
may be preliminary and I haven't tested it yet, but it appears to be
necessary in order to move an .image with TrueType fonts between Mac and
PC. The fix clears the cache upon image save.

- Doug

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Subject: Re: Endianness
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 16:17:46 -0800
From: Yoshiki Ohshima <>
To: Doug Way <>, Ned Konz <>
References: <>


  The image copying issue suggests that we need to clear the cache
upon saving. The attached changeset with two methods makes it work.

  And yes, generating base 64 encoded TTCFont is what is broken. I
haven't looked at it yet...

  To summerize it, with Ned's ShortQuantitiesEndian.cs.gz and this
TTCFontShutDown.1.cs, you can copy the images between a Mac and a PC.
To make endian agnostic 'InstallBitstreamVera.cs', a fix to the
TTCFont encoder is needed.

  Thank you,

-- Yoshiki
11-09-04 13:29   
I think this is fixed. (attached fix is already in 3.8beta)
11-16-04 09:18   
The bug is not fixed.
01-07-05 17:10   
The attached shutdown fix fixes the wrong problem. It's the descriptions that have the endianness issue, not the cache. So the right fix would be to change the startup order as mentioned above. In fact, maybe we wouldn't even have to flush the cache.
01-07-05 17:57   
update 6539startupOrder-bf.cs