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1848 Tools minor always 10-05-05 23:57 12-12-05 22:46
new 3.9  
0001848: FileList ought to flush in some manner when an image starts up on a different machine
If an image is saved one one machine with a FileList open and then copied to some other machine the FileList is invalid and ought to be flushed.

If the second machine is of a different platform to the first we get a very puzzling error (to a non-experienced user) of MyPlatform complaining about a problem with a SomeBodyElsesPlatformFileDirectory! Even if the platform is the same it is a little unlikely that the file layout will be identical.

Not sure exactly how to fix this, but it ought to be addressed.
related to 0001445closed cdegroot [BUG] isAbsolute: not understood by UnixFileDirectory 

12-10-05 21:47   
The MPEG movie player has some file path testing to check if a path is
valid between image saves.
Maybe this could be implemented in a similar way in FileList

12-11-05 17:19   
Maybe the same code that resets the author initials could do it.
12-12-05 22:46   
It looks like maybe setDefaultDirectoryClass would be a good place to put something which gets rid of FileDirectory instances which belong to the wrong platform. That would be a start.