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2254 Kernel major always 11-21-05 17:53 01-18-06 23:55
closed 3.7  
none 3.9  
0002254: Characters are improperly stored (#storeOn:)
This change-set makes the printing of characters much nicer. As well it fixes some very strange bugs with other system such as the Refactoring Browser and SmaCC that rely on the fact when storing special characters (such as Character lf, Character cf) in the source-code this is preserved. The old implementation could not satisfy this requirement since Monticello converts all special characters in Squeak line-endings and therefor destroys some of the character literals. This fix not only makes the output of #storeOn: and #printOn: easier to read, but also more portable. Included are 4 tests.
 CharacterFixes.1.cs [^] (4,332 bytes) 11-21-05 17:53

01-18-06 23:55   
allready in 3.9