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2415 Morphic trivial always 12-27-05 23:11 01-19-06 18:06
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0002415: Error after one presses ESC key two times.
In 3.9 Morphic project, after I press the ESC key for the first time, the world menu appears. After I press the ESC key for the second time, the world menu disappears but error (doesNotUnderstand: #selectSuperMenu) appears.

The debug log is attached.
 SqueakDebug.log [^] (4,404 bytes) 12-27-05 23:11

12-28-05 08:33   
There seem to be several problems here.

There is a timing confilct with an older version of MenuMorph>>keyStroke
being loaded over a later update.

'rr 3/24/2004 13:55 MenuMorph keyStroke
''laza 5/6/2004 13:59 MenuMorph keyStroke:'

The rr changeset is obviously incomplete. #selectSuperMenu is defined nowhere in the image.

the method that calls the undefined method
 'rr 3/25/2004 12:16 MenuMorph unfilterOrEscape:'

unfilterOrEscape: evt
    self valueOfProperty: #matchString
            [:str |
            str isEmpty
                    ["If filtered, first ESC removes filter"

                    self setProperty: #matchString toValue: String new.
                    self selectItem: nil event: evt.
                    self displayFiltered: evt]].
    "If a stand-alone menu, just delete it"
    popUpOwner ifNil: [self delete]. "***"
    "If a sub-menu, then deselect, and return focus to outer menu"
    self selectSuperMenu: evt

*** seems to need a return before the self delete.

Some how this poorly checked code got into the stream. So the harvesters and commiters need to have a better way of holding code contributers to account and checking what goes in.

I don't know what the correct fix is. reverting to the laza code removes the symptom complained about here. So someone should think of going back an undoing the rr changes or getting him to correct and complete them and resolve the conflict with laza. I'd put laza in charge of the final say based on what I've seen here.

Yours in service, -- (wiz) Jerome Peace.
01-16-06 05:35   
This also happens if you bring up the world menu with a left click then press the ESC key.

01-19-06 18:06   
will be fixed in 6716