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242 Jasmine major always 10-05-04 16:00 10-05-04 16:45
0000242: Clicking hand icon (grab) causes frame or object to disappear
Clicking hand icon on mirror causes frame to disappear but mirror stays. On the Spreadsheet everything disappears.
Using Jasmine .2 full + changeset 1 Windows XP 3.7 VM
duplicate of 0000237resolved mpm Grabbed window behind camera in first-person mode 

10-05-04 16:13   
I halo X'ed out (because exit does not work) and went back into the same space "SampleTeapotMorph new openInHand". This time the hand icon worked fine. Not sure what if anything I did differently.

It is worth noting that when it was not working the red laser pointer was not appearing in the world BUT was appearing in the mirror. Similarly when I would bring up the exit pop-pop while in front of the mirror and click the hand icon twice (open then close) the pop-up menu would disappear from the world but was still present in the mirror.
10-05-04 16:40   
Found the difference, The difference is whether CTRL-A has changed to first person view. When in third person mode things seem to work as expected - in first person mode the laser, frame borders or whole objects disappear from space but not from the mirror.