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0002449: [Enh] Adds a target-sighting cursor to the menagerie of cursors.
Here is a cs that adds a definition for a target sighting cursor.

Uploaded is TargetingCursorEnh-wiz. From the preamble

This is the piece of TargetSighter-wiz that falls under the pervue of the graphic classes that Andreas maintains.

The idea here is to have a targeting cursor showing while the user selects a point on the screen. The location selected will then pop-up a menu morph directly underneath. The user will select one (or not) and that will become the new target for the client of the target sighting menu item.

The target sighting cursor is desired to give the operation a different look and feel from the simple selecting of a point with the crosshair cursor.

If you want to get a feel for how this works in action I suggest installing either

From Mantis 0000503. The select sight target from the red menu.
While working on a fix for the set target menu items see Mantis 0000503, I envisioned and implemeted a target sighter. That vision included a "james bond" target sighting cursor. (I wrote this way before teams had been invented. Plus I would have been way to naive to expect this would lead to stewardship problems anyway).

When I submitted the cs the targetsighting fix I ran into the problem that the morphic portions of the fix could be approved by the morphic team but the cursor enhancement came unter the stewardship of the graphic team.

So I have separated out the two sets of fixes and submitted this fix to get its appropriate evaluation and approval.

Yours in service -- (wiz ) Jerome Peace
child of 0006530new  A mother for button, slider and menuItem targeting and argumenting related reports. 
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