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2497 System minor always 01-16-06 05:15 01-19-06 18:04
aking PM 1.7 Ghz  
none 3.9  
0002497: MNU when changing title on Morphic Project
Changing the title on a icon view of a morphic project generates a "MessageNotUnderstood: ChangeSet class>>changeSetNamed:" error message.
Click on the WindowMenu icon of the project, then "change title...". Type in a new title and get the MNU message. Debug log attached.
1Gb RAM, Gentoo 2005.1
duplicate of 0002377closed  Cannot rename a project from its window menu 
 SqueakDebug.log [^] (4,420 bytes) 01-16-06 05:15 [^] (375 bytes) 01-16-06 19:18

01-16-06 19:20   
Ok - here's the first changeset I've ever made! I think it fixes this bug as I can now change the project window title. I also tested to make sure that it can't set it to the same name as another project window title. Anyways - some feedback would be nice. Also, I noticed that I can't change the resolution state of this bug - something I'm missing? Thanks...
01-19-06 18:04   
fixed in 6716