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0002589: [Fix] Now that we have targetsighting for sliders its time to fix buttons and menus.
The fixes in Mantis 0000503 have been approved and gotten into 3.9.

I deliberately dealt with only one aspect (sliders) though the same bug was in the target setting for menus and button classes (and subclasses).

This report is focused on the remaining fixes.

My proposed fix for the problem in ButtonPropertiesMorph was the remove of that sad class entirely see Mantis 0000521 for the fix to that.

ButtonTargets-wiz.4.cs is my proposed fix. It has been tested to be shown to work. But not heavily tested for side effects. It should do the job and is ready for some beta testing.

I have also found the ability to flash (button default action) different system window is giving some clues on issue of system speed.

Excerpt from the preamble

You should have seen me testing this.
I had a sample stringButtonMorph
and a sample simpleButtonMorph
and the extracted sight target menu item.

I could use the sight target to redirect one of the buttons
then use the menus halo menu to
  set the menus target to the other button and
then use same menu to sight different targets for the second button.

So much flexibility makes one a little dizzy.
child of 0006530new  A mother for button, slider and menuItem targeting and argumenting related reports. 
 ButtonTargets-wiz.4.cs [^] (4,800 bytes) 01-25-06 06:13

03-14-06 16:15