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2921 Compiler major sometimes 02-19-06 20:18 02-20-06 09:24
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0002921: Emergency evaluator when MNU
I have downloaded Squeak3.9a-6729.image
I tested a little bit.
Then I sent a message from a workspace which resulted in a MessageNotUnderstood.
Then I got a Emergency Evaluator.

The package Compiler-md.36 is marked as dirty. But the only changes seem to be the order of the class variable names. This seems to be the reason for the crash. Loading Compiler-md.36 again fixes the problem!
I tried to reproduce this, i.e. making the Compiler package dirty - with a completely new image but I failed. :-( However, you can reproduce this with my image: [^] Emergency

Just execute 3 zork from the workspace.
 3zork.gif [^] (12,388 bytes) 02-19-06 23:01

02-19-06 21:05   
Sorry for the blanks in the URL. Let's try this: [^]

02-19-06 22:59   
Ha, a good fun bug.

To reproduce,
OPEN a fresh 6727
From the world menu open a workspace.
3 zork
select and evaluate with (cmd-p)

the emergency evaluator will come on (see uploaded 3zork.gif for entrails).

Note the 6727 I used was the standard one from the ftp not the one offered here for downloading. So this is a solid bug find. And easily reproduced.

After it has gotten this out of its system squeak seems to be content to just raise the pre-debugger window. So this has probably to do with something that is not initialized properly in the initial image.
02-19-06 23:12   
Can you try to repreduce with 6729? The error looks quite much like one I fixed in 6729...
02-20-06 07:53   
Hi Marcus,

I tried the same provocation in 6729 as got the bug in 6727.

The results were different. Just the debug box no emergency.

So you may have found it.

I have not done (nor will I do) any extensive further testing.
02-20-06 09:02   
Hi Marcus,

I had downloaded 6729 and thought I had used it. However, I just verified that the image with the bug is indeed a version 6727 image. I tried at least half an hour to reproduce it in 6729. Now I know why I failed. :-(

I am very sorry about that! I hope it did not cost you too much time.

By the way, I was really amazed about the speed you responded to my last bug requests! Thanks for all your effort!
02-20-06 09:24