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2991 Morphic tweak always 02-21-06 04:00 02-27-06 23:47
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0002991: [Fix] Workspaces initial extent is too large for most uses.
Workspace inherits its initial extent. Which means it appears as large as multipaned browsers etc.

It would better serve most users to start off smaller and be enlarged if needed.

So here is a proposed initial extent.
There are several reasons for shrinking workspaces.

1) Usually I need them only for typing one or two words to start a Browser , implementor or sender search.

2) It can always be enlarged as needed.

3) More screen space for bowsers etc.

4) The speed of squeak is greatly affected by the number of overlapping windows/window panes. Though this is a bug that should be fixed in its own right, having less things to overlap will speed things up when there is a lot on the screen. Smaller means less overlap.


That said I have choosen a size and h/w aspect ratio (1::sqrt 5) that is harmonious to the eye. [^] (273 bytes) 02-21-06 04:00

02-27-06 23:47