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30 minor always 06-27-04 19:25 07-08-04 02:53
0000030: position: can't accept Floats in the Point
When the point argument to CPlayer>>open:in:at: is has Floats in it, the object changes extent many times before settling down to a small size.

open: aPlayer in: aContainer at: aPoint

   aPlayer costume position: (parent globalToLocal: aPoint).

position: is not expecting Floats. Perhaps it should have a truncate: in it.


06-28-04 23:59   
Do you have an example? If I try something like:

bb := CButton new.
bb label: 'Hello'.
bb openAt: 100.5@100.5.

everything seems to be fine.
07-06-04 23:12   
Andreas & Michael,

OK, here is code to reproduce the "wiggling window" bug!

In a standard TCAR Tweak that has Updates, file in the method below. The change in this code is to supply a float as a position in the open method.
Get a CheckBox from the Wigets menu.
Click it's debug handle (gets an inspector).
    The green debug window will open, and then shrink up vertically four times.
    If you erase the decimal part of X and Y and accept the method, the window will not shrink during opening!
    The fix of making the target of a window return the window's geometry as its own, has no effect on this bug.
        Yes, there are those suspicious calls on (self hand) and (self defaultContainer)... but really, they should not cause any problem.

!CPlayer methodsFor: 'opening' stamp: 'tk 7/6/2004 13:27'!

    self hand.
    ^ self open: self defaultContainer at: 196.4@94.4
! !