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3047 Morphic major always 02-22-06 20:47 02-24-06 11:12
closed 3.9  
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0003047: from Connectors preload needs to be integrated [^] (11,176 bytes) 02-22-06 20:47 [^] (853 bytes) 02-24-06 02:53

02-24-06 02:53   
I looked at this in 7001 (after the curvier stuff). Most everything here is either a new method or an identical method.

One confilct PolygonMorph-drawArrowsOn needed a repair.
Which is in
uploaded here.

The essence is that I had extracted out the predicate hasArrows. This fixed a bug in the logic. The repair was to update the squeakland rountine to use hasArrows instead of the faulty logic.

The essence of the squeakland change is that the method now always returns an array. Before it sometimes returned ^self. Presumably the more specific answer will not affect anything that wasn't expecting an answer in the first place.

So If you load in and then everything should be fine for the first cut.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
02-24-06 11:12   
will be in 7003