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3108 Morphic minor always 02-26-06 00:24 02-27-06 23:51
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0003108: [quickFix] In 7002 selecting connector catagory or alpha p catagory gets a debug box.
For this one
In a fresh 7002

Get an objects box.
Notice that there is a connectors catagory.
Select that catagory. You get the debug warning. key not found.

Select the alphabetic catagory. Select p. Ditto.
The Circle morph adds supplemental stuff to the parts bin.

The second is the NCPinMorph which has not be installed yet. Thus the walk back.

The quickFix is just to comment out the parts bin description for the circle morph.

The patch is uploaded.

The long term fix is the installation of the NCPinMorph. It also seems a good idea if the parts bin description would be moved to that class so that circleMorph can stand alone.
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 CircleMorph [^] (673 bytes) 02-26-06 00:24

02-26-06 00:26   
Its a morphic bug I forgot to set the catagory.
02-27-06 23:51