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3215 TrueType minor always 03-02-06 21:48 03-28-06 20:46
closed 3.9  
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0003215: saving and reloading a string morph with a true type font breaks the font
Don't know whether this a system (SmartRefStream?) or Morphic issue.

Here's how to reproduce:
- Create a string morph.
- Use the font menu to use the 36pt BitstreamVeraSans font.
- Save the morph in a file.
- Load the morph again.
It now has the bold version of the font.

03-08-06 22:32   
It seems that somehow a wrong TTFontDescription gets loaded along with the StringMorph. If you inspect the StringMorph's font befor and after loading it from a file you'll see that TTCFont(BitstreamVeraSans 24 Roman) changes in TTCFont(BitstreamVeraSans 24 Bold) although the StringMorph's emphasis field is still 0.
03-09-06 18:54   
TTFontDescription class>>descriptionFullNamed: descriptionFullName

here one can see that the Descriptions class variable has only one element and this one is a TTFontDescription('Bitstream Vera Sans') with
subfamilyName 'Bold'
uniqueName ''Bitstream Vera Sans Bold'

03-09-06 23:08   
check a 3.8 6665 image and you'll see that Descriptions is populated with all TTFons from the very beginning :)
So this can be:
1. a mistake in the 3.9 image or
2. 'intentional having to do with 3.9 being in alpha' (to quot kencausey)
03-26-06 20:34   
This is solved in 3.9alpha 0007015 :)
or even earlier

03-28-06 20:46