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3295 Morphic major always 03-13-06 02:42 03-19-06 14:00
closed 3.9  
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0003295: In 7006 MorphicMenuItem>>keystroke: code versions reveal a conflict.
Check the versions of MorphicMenuItem>>keystroke:

The current version
 'rr 3/24/2004 13:55 MenuMorph keyStroke: {keyboard control}'
predates the version it replaced
'laza 5/6/2004 13:59 MenuMorph keyStroke: {keyboard control}'

Is this a true conflict?
This may not be cause for alarm but probably is.
There was a bug found and reported that had the very same conflict of authors.
Someone should get one or both of them to check on this. (And any others that remain.)

03-19-06 00:11   
Reminder sent to: laza, rr

Can you take a look at the confilcting code and decide if there is a problem?
03-19-06 00:22   
I think the method should be reverted (or unreverted ...).
Reverting the methods to laza's most recent version solves
a very annoying bug:

If you execute:
self inform: 'foo'

you should be able to press return to dismiss the menu.
With my version you can't whereas with laza's you can.
03-19-06 14:00   
reverted in 7013