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3296 Tools major always 03-13-06 03:03 03-13-06 03:03
new 3.9  
0003296: [Proposed fixes] In 7006 metaMenu 'show actions' gets a DNU
For this one get a morph ( a sys window does fine)
Get the red menu for the morph. make it stay up.
Get the meta-menu for the stay up menu (Ctrl-click will do this I believe)
request show actions. You get a dnu
Morph showActions was changed.
Reverting it will cure the problem or

channging the messase sent to ToolSet to

browseMessageSet: messageList name: title autoSelect: autoSelectString


changing the class name back to MessageSet

right now it is being sent the message that MessageSet used to be sent.

therefore the DNU.

Fixers choice. I just find 'em.

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