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3337 Etoys block always 03-22-06 00:22 04-25-06 14:24
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0003337: In 7015 missing methods prevent viewers from coming up.
in fresh 7015 get a basic morph from objects (I used a curvier)
From the halos request the viewer for the morph.

Two debug windows and an emergency evaluator come up.

The first culprit was a missing #connections (Morph) method.
I made a stub from that and ran into more missing methods having to do with vocabulary filtering for the viewer.

At that point I stopped and wrote this.
 ConnectorsStub-KR.1.cs [^] (442 bytes) 04-05-06 05:20
 ConnectorsStub-KR.2.cs [^] (992 bytes) 04-05-06 06:04

03-23-06 15:54   
The missing piece is "Connector". By installing the latest package on SqueakMap, I can open viewer, build and run a simple etoys script.
Ofcourse extensive testing and Investigation of packaging wlll be needed...
04-02-06 10:45   
we need to fix this without requiring full connectors.
04-05-06 06:08   
At leaset viewer can be opened with ConnectorsStub-KR.1.

But dragging a tile from viewer reveals more dependencies.
ConnectorsStub-KR.2 is revised one with more missing methods.
(Antoher mantis report might be appropriate?)
04-25-06 14:24   
Viewer is fixed in 7024 (but more other stuff is broken... I wil close this one, as opening works)