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3466 Morphic minor always 04-14-06 04:33 04-24-06 10:50
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0003466: In 7022 Kedema. Trying to follow the Squeakland Introduction leads to a DNU when adding turtles.
From a fresh 7022 with
   an updated squeakmap and
   the connector package added to allow getting to viewers.

From objects get the kedema world
Get the viewer on it and from the menu (as per squeakland) request a new breed of turtle.

The DNUappears:
KedamaExamplerPlayer72 class(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #compileInobtrusively:classified:

and the red box (representing the turtle appears but out of place in the upper left corner.
This is just a heads up.

Either the missing methods should be included or the kedema hooks removed from the object morph.
 KedamaMissing-KR.cs [^] (1,124 bytes) 04-14-06 14:10
 KedamaWODepreciated-KR.cs [^] (1,423 bytes) 04-14-06 14:10

04-14-06 14:17   
I uploaded changesets for missing methods (KedamaMissing-KR.cs) and refactoring not to call depreciated methods (KedamaWODepreciated-KR.cs).
I tested with only "Bouncing Atoms" tutorial, so I wouldn't say all missing pieces have been supplied.
04-24-06 10:49