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349 Jasmine trivial always 10-12-04 20:13 10-12-04 20:13
0000349: Object help unclear
Clicking the ? icon in the upper right window (objects tool?)
brings up a window titled About Objects. This states in part:

  "You can obtain an Objects tool by choosing "Objects" from the world menu, or by the shortcut of typing alt-o (cmd-o) any time the cursor is over the desktop."

I moved the cursor over the desktop and entered Alt-O and
a window appeared titled "Workspace" which appears to be
a copy of the About Objects window.

If I click (left), on the desktop, a menu titled World
appears which includes objects(o) as an item. Clicking
again on the desktop makes that go away. At this point,
I can use Alt-O to bring the objects tool back to the front.

Also, if I click on one or more of the tabs that the
About Objects describe, the display changes so the four
Teapot examples are no longer grouped together at the
bottom - even if I choose categories. Not sure how I
get this back to the default display I started with.

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