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3502 Morphic minor always 04-25-06 00:17 04-25-06 16:27
closed 3.9  
none 3.9  
0003502: Crash when running ticking script
- run "EllipseMorph new openInWorld" from a Workspace in Sq3.9#7024
- click on the light blue halo button to open an scripting viewer (the one with the eye)
- after the script viewer opens on the right side drag the "forward by" script onto the desk and select "ticking" as script event instead of "normal"
- you should get a "PasteUpMorph(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #userCustomEventNames" error now

 screen.png [^] (11,363 bytes) 04-25-06 00:17 [^] (310 bytes) 04-25-06 04:57
 PasteUpMorph-* [^] (894 bytes) 04-25-06 05:12

04-25-06 03:21   
seems about same problem as [^]
04-25-06 05:12   
Hi tbn, korakurider

Recreating the bug using tbn's formula and tracing things back to the routines showed they were written in 2003 by nk.

Going back to my trusty 3.9withAllChanges from 3.0 located the missing rountine which I filed out and will upload here as

That solves the problem complained about.

Of course the question remains why was is missing? And are there others that got lost at the same time. This looks like the MC catagory change problems.

Sure enough the other
PasteUpMorph methodsFor: '*customevents-scripting'
have gone missing as well.

I'll upload the catagory fileout
as well.

Harvesters (Hi Marcus :-) ), as you are the ones what lost 'em. I put on you the responsibility of making sure you know why they were lost. And if anything else was lost with them. And making the right decision of how much of them to return.

Yours in service, Jerome Peace
04-25-06 05:17   
Reminder sent to: korakurider

Hi Marcus,

Here are two choices of fix.

Please look into what happened. And if anything else got lost at the same time.

Cheers -- Jer
04-25-06 05:34   
Reminder sent to: MarcusDenker, tbn

Hi Marcus,

Last note was meant for you. I forgot how to send reminders to more than one person. --jer
04-25-06 05:48   
 Morph is missing this catagory and all of its methods also. That is what 0003500 is reporting problems about.

-- Jer
04-25-06 09:50   

I think I know what happeded: We loaded diego's changesets, and in these, some methods
got categoriesed as *customevents. This then means, that Monticello will not save them
as part of e.g. the Morphic package...

How to fix it:

- get 7022
- load diegos changesets
- save mc package *custumevents
- load that in 7024
- recategorize the methods

I will do this for 7025
04-25-06 16:27   
fixed in 7025