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3613 Hedgehog major always 05-13-06 03:29 07-20-06 20:21
0003613: pointerUp: and pointerDown: have different selection point values from each other when under Tweak
1. Load the attached file, which makes TFrame>>doPointerDown: and #doPointerUp: show the event selection point on the Transcript. (It makes no other changes.) Open a Transcript.

2. SimpleDemoMaster new openInHand

3. Explore to the harness and create a TWindow just in front of you at the center with
self activeSpace future addChild: (self activeIsland future new: TWindow).

4. Click on the TWindow rectFront and convince yourself that all is ok (e.g., the transcript shows that up is the same point as down).

5. Now MOVE the SimpleDemoMaster morph (e.g., with the halo). Now up and down are different points.

6. You can destroy the morph and make a new instance, putting it in a different place in the World. Up and down will be at different points.
This is the only reliable way I have found to reproduce, but there are other more complicated and unreliable ways.

Although we can have Transcript>>show: directly in #doPointerUp:, we have to use #addDeferredUIMessage: in #doPointerDown:. Why?
related to 0003614new  TDragCube has odd behavior under Tweak 
 ShowSelectedPoint.1.cs.gz [^] (441 bytes) 05-13-06 03:29
 FixPointerPositionUnderTweak.2.cs.gz [^] (443 bytes) 05-13-06 20:33

05-13-06 20:34   
The attached FixPointerPositionUnderTweak seems to fix this and (part of) the related 3614.
07-20-06 20:21   
I think that this may be fixed by CroquetSource package Croquet-Harness-bgf.100.mcz.

If the attached changeSet is used after the package is installed, it causes other problems now.