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3621 ToDo major always 05-14-06 06:40 05-24-08 06:39
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0003621: Will it be possible to produce a 3.10a with all changes from 3.0?
Can one of the deliverables for 3.9gamma be a version with a complete change file, please.
In debugging things I have found these complete change file versions an invaluable help. Their availability is a great time saver in tracking down the difference that explains why a particular bug showed up.

This inturn guides finding how to best fix the rascal.

Thanks for your consideration of this need.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace

05-20-06 09:21   
we will see if this is possible.
07-24-06 09:24   
Not possible: We would hit the changes limit of 32MB (as the .changes of 3.9 alone are 25MB)
05-20-08 09:36   
I could do for 3.11, if all agree.
05-24-08 06:39   
HI Edgar,

How would you do this at this point?

The sources have changed (the 3.9 release team compressed everything into the squeak 3.9 sources.)

It wouldn't be bad to have an all changes from 7054 (when the sources were created) till 3.11 .

But I am not sure an all changes from 3.0 would be doable without fixing the overall problems (limited .changes size and limited number of .change files (one is a very tight limit).

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace