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3710 Morphic minor always 05-24-06 06:59 07-12-06 22:46
closed 3.9  
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0003710: TransformMorphTest is annoying (and confusing)
TransformMorphTest is annoying because:
- leaves a Morph opened in the world.
- in the test uses ActiveHand to grab a morph
(a unit test is supposed to be run without user interaction).

And is confusing because: the test is called transform test.. but I don't known what is testing:
self shouldnt: [ActiveHand grabMorph: child.
        ActiveHand position: 10@10 + ActiveHand position.]
        raise: MessageNotUnderstood
If is testing the rotation of the morph is better to do another assertion.

NOTE TO THE MAINTAINER: I could fix it, but I don't known the intention of the test. Just tell me and I would upload a fix

07-12-06 22:46   
fixed by deletion of TestCase