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3772 Morphic minor always 06-05-06 07:03 06-05-06 07:03
new 3.9  
0003772: In 7033 Blue Rotate halo send to DNU's when dragged by yellow button
For this one.

Get an Morph ( a rectangle morph will do)
Call up halos on the morph
Now over the blue rotate halo press the yellow button ( option (alt) left button on my mac). Now drag the mouse off the rotation button. Several DNU' s will pop up. After the second one they all pile on top of one another.
There are also odd effects when the
same yellow button trick is performed with the brown move halo or the yellow grow halo. (The morph will jump s.t. the cursor now points to the spot on the morph where it was when the blue button was pressed to call the halos)

With the yellow handle it resizes the morph just a little bit. Which seems to depend on where the button is in relation to the center of the handle when it was pressed.

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