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390 Jasmine minor always 10-14-04 19:32 05-30-05 13:42
0000390: Walkback on connection attempt
After filling in the TConnectionDialog and pressing the "Connect" button, after a while I get the sound and a walkback saying: "Error: target is nil." while evaluating TeaMessage->execute.
Running on:
Athlon-1800+,512Mb,ATI-8500LE, Linux 2.4.27, XFree86 radeon driver.
 SqueakDebug.log [^] (499 bytes) 10-20-04 19:32
 jasmine.PNG [^] (420,494 bytes) 10-20-04 19:34
 LinuxConnectionFIX-dgd.2.cs.gz [^] (873 bytes) 05-30-05 13:40

10-19-04 03:10   
Anyone able to reproduce this? We might have fixed this in the meantime so I'd be very interested to hear if you've seen this problem earlier but not lately. - ar
10-20-04 19:34   
I still get traceback messages. I've uploaded the SqueakDebug and a snapshot of the error. The connection was attempted between two PCs running on the same subnet with the latest updates.
05-30-05 13:40   
In my linux box I get exactly the same error. The problem is that 'NetNameResolver localHostAddress' answers in some configurations.

The actual asumption, in NetNameResolver and SocketPlugin, of gaving one and only one ip address per machine is wrong.

I didn't find the way to look for all the ip address for a machine, so a simply hack is goind to save us: Just ask the user for the IP in these bugy cases.
05-30-05 13:42   
I just attached one simply changeset containing the hack.