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428 Jasmine crash always 10-20-04 23:54 10-21-04 03:52
greg rivera  
0000428: negative-HorResize window crashes, highBit not defined for negatives
a) start FirstSteps/SampleTeapot, get handles, drag 'resize' left and right. if dragged too far left, 3dscreen goes to very narrow (ok), then error "highBit not defined for negative integers"

b) also, quickly gets "***System error handling failed***" type any other char to restart
Tweak: for vertical resize (pulling bottom above the top), it ignores message if bottom is above top (bug). It should set window to min hite (min valid value). I.e., (currently wrong) resizing slowly will get you smallest hite, resizing quickly gets ignored. Correct behavior should be to get same results despite human/cursor (machine/refresh) speed.

Minor: min hite seems to be zero? So window effectively disappears? or so small its very very hard to select it to correct it. Is there a min win hite/width?

(hmm, probably squeak/window bug, rather than jasmine, oh well.)

10-21-04 03:52   
Actually this is a Jasmine bug (not a generic Squeak bug). Now fixed.