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4322 Kernel major always 07-25-06 16:25 12-22-10 08:51
new 3.9  
0004322: aCharacter>>#storeOn: breaks Decompiler tests
With changeset MC7 (or earlier?) #constantNameFor: has been changed to include Character space.

This breaks Decompiler tests since almost everybody encodes the space as $ , whereas Decompiler is forced to output Character space (the $ literal as message send).
related to 0005700closed  Character>>storeString 

nicolas cellier   
05-22-07 23:44   
Ah yes, just hit a variation:

Compiler evaluate: (Array with: Character space) storeString.
Compiler evaluate: (Array with: Character cr) storeString.

Fails with any of Character class>>#constantNames

But also with other non printable like:

Compiler evaluate: (Array with: Character end) storeString

nicolas cellier   
03-15-08 00:35   
Another related bug with literal is from 0006983 :


Not good for Decompiler tests...
12-22-10 08:51   
There were three failing Decompiler tests, all because of $ . Changing the call sites to Character space fixes the tests:

 * [^]
 * [^]
 * [^]