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4530 PreferenceBrowser tweak always 08-13-06 21:25 08-13-06 21:29
Damien Cassou Intel Pentiun 4 Mobile  
HernanTylim Ubuntu GNU/Linux Dapper Drake  
normal VM Squeak 3.9-7  
3.9g-7054 open  
0004530: TextInput of PreferenceBrowser behave strangely
When you type something in the text input for searching in the preference browser (say 10 to 20 characters) and you want to remove them all, letting BACKSPACE pressed does not erase all the characters like in any other text input box.
- Type 10 characters on the text input search box
- Press BACKSPACE and do not release it

The cursor is set to the begining of the text input and does not erase the string.

Damien Cassou   
08-13-06 21:29   
Another strange behaviour happens when you type something quickly.

- Try typing a sentence quickly

Some letters are put on the begining and some on the end.