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464 Seaside feature always 10-27-04 16:31 03-24-07 15:56
won't fix  
0000464: [FIX] Latin-1 for SeaSide
Subject: [FIX] Latin-1 for SeaSide
Date Posted: 29 March 2004
Archive ID: 21401

Currently, SeaSide sends out strings using the squeak encoding, while
default charset for HTTP 1.1 is iso-8859-1.

The attached changeset feeds SeaSide strings through "squeakToIso". Now,
accented iso-8859-1 characters show up properly in browsers.
Subject: Re: [FIX] Latin-1 for SeaSide
Author: Samuel Tardieu
Date Posted: 30 March 2004
Archive ID: 21428
Comments: >>>>> "Jason" == Jason Rogers <> writes:

Jason> Is this inclusive of the first set of changes?

It contains the first set of changes. But I think the proper fix is
not to install those changes and fix it in KomHttpServer instead, as
the conversion should be done for every string sent from or received
by the HTTP server.
 Latin-1 for SeaSide.cs.gz [^] (256 bytes) 10-27-04 16:31

08-18-05 00:46   
I haven't thought it through in detail but hardcoding a conversion to latin-1 in KomHttpServer seems wrong - for example, I have developed several apps with KomHttpServer that actually serves utf8.
03-19-07 15:10   
Squeak now no longer uses Squeak encoding to this not an issue anymore.

Additonally we don't do encoding conversion in Seaside itself but in the server adapters. It's up to the author to provide Strings in the correct encoding. For Squeak 3.7 this means sending #squeakToIso (and optionally #isoToUtf8) to your String literals.

So this can be marked as closed or won't fix.
03-24-07 15:56   
see last comment of pmm