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4893 System major always 09-12-06 23:23 09-15-06 17:35
closed 3.9  
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0004893: WindowColorRegistry still holds xxxPlus entries
From clean installation of 3.9 select
   World -> 'appearance...' -> 'window colors...'
and you will get a lot (14) of error message dialogs due to
the fact that in WindowColorRegistry there are still
entries for PlusTools, i.e. VersionBrowserPlus, WorkspacePlus...

Note that the above menu item invokes
   Preferences class>>windowSpecificationPanel
which among other (graphical) things invokes
   Preferences class>>windowColorTable
which uses WindowColorRegistry.....

In fact the code in
   WindowColorRegistry class>>refresh (or initialize which calls refresh)
is just adding on top of existing entries. What I think happened
is that during the preparation of 3.9 these entries were
initialized with PlusTools, which have then been substituted with
Tools and WindowColorRegistry has been refreshed.
WindowColorRegistry class>>refresh should either reset
the registry to an empty Dictionary before re-registering
or a step should be added in the de-installation of PlusTools...

09-15-06 17:35   
fixed in 7058