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4997 Hedgehog minor always 09-19-06 03:51 09-19-06 03:51
0004997: downPointer customization
The current code for TAvatarReplica>>initialize doesn't allow for changes to the down pointer, specifically the removal. In the current initialize code we see:
    downMatrix := Matrix4x4 identity rotationAroundX: -90.
    downPointer := TRay new.
    downPointer localTransform: downMatrix.
    downPointer downRay: true.
    self addChild: downPointer.
So modifying the down pointer behavior can't be done on a per-application basis unless you copy all the other code from TAvatarReplica>initialize into your own application subclass of TAvatarReplica, and thus miss improvements/changes to the Croquet-Objects package. In my particular usage, I've removing the down pointer entirely, as I'm not using gravity and don't want the extra overhead in the ray processing. (Thanks to howardstearns for the template for this report :-)

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