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5107 VM minor always 09-25-06 22:50 12-17-08 12:01
mzimmerm VM 3.9-7 #5  
assigned 3.9  
any 3.9, 3.8, 3.7 open  
0005107: With Caps Lock on, Menus do not work (Linux, Mac only)
Basically, the problem is that Caps-Lock is modifying mouse events, while it
should only modify key-pressed for key=A-Z. It seems minor, but it is very
confusion when user hits it first time - Basically, clicking on menu items just "echos" the menu item, and does nothing. I think I reinstalled fresh image and the VM before I found CapsLock on :(:(

In [^] , there is a link to a fix Ned Konz provided in Novemer 1994. It seems it was ever applied.

Happens on Linux and (I understand) Mac VM, Windows is OK.

This is a re-enter of now closed issue ID=565. [^]
Start Squeak
Caps Lock on
Click on World


Start Squeak
Bring world menu
Caps Lock on
Click on Open
NOTHING HAPPENS (just the text is echoed)

Linux (I tested there) and apparently Mac. Seems minor but annoying especially for newbies.

See [^]

for fix suggested by Ned Konz

09-26-06 02:29   
APPEARS TO BE ALL OK ON MAC (dang capslock key!) running on 3.8.12beta4U
09-26-06 17:40   
Tim, thanks for checking. I do not have a Mac here, but this message [^]

says he has "similar problems" on Mac (vm 3.9-7 which seems newer than yours). They did not get rid of that useless key on mac yet? :)
09-26-06 17:44   
In my last note apparently the link is to the top of thread - the comment about Mac vm 3.9-7 is in the email by Yann Monclair (5th from top)
09-26-06 17:48   
So far as I am aware a '3.9-7' vm would be the unix vm running on osx, thus sharing the same code as the more 'usual' unix vms. I am using a mac vm.
10-09-06 19:21   
Thanks for the clarification. i should step into the 21st century and distinguish between a "mac" and "mac osx" (or just "osx"?). So it appears this issue applies only to "linux" and "mac osx" (and potentially other "*ix" VMs.
10-09-06 19:37   
Don't forget there are VMs compiled from the *nix code tree that can run on OSX and separate VMs written to the 'carbon' api (I think?) for Macs (OSX or relics of pre-OSX). There is also a version written to the Cocoa api but I don't recall seeing much about it in a while.

I am using the latter, which seems not to have this problem with caps lock. The person having the problem when running a '3.9-7' vm on his mac is running the former. Thus we can suspect that the problem is in the *nix branch of the platform code and not in the Mac branch.
10-11-06 07:36   
Thanks for clarifying this; also it occurred to me to ask OLPC if they see the problem; searching, I see conflicting info whether it has caps-lock or not.
12-28-07 19:56   
Needs Ian's attention sometime