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511 Morphic minor always 11-09-04 23:45 08-09-06 16:14
none 3.9  
0000511: one point open polygons still cause problems
Get a polygon from supplies.
Open it and add handles.
Move the handle from one end over the other. One handle is deleted and you are left with a one segment line.
Move one handle over the other. You are left with one handle.
Move that handle. You are left with a polygon with no vertices (or handles) and the emergency evaluator is invoked.
This is a current bug in 3.9a-6404.
The correction for this is included in report 0000504 which fixed this bug along with other enhancements to polygon and curve morphs.
I've reported this before in squeak dev along with a limited fix.
And things have improved. In the latest squeak you can use the selector to isolate the remnants of the polygon so it can be deleted. (Bravo Deigo).

08-09-06 00:50   
This bug was fixed with the curvier enhancements.
So at this point in time squeak 7051 it is fixed.

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