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0005228: Include Cryptographic Primitives in Base VM - DESPlugin
Hans-Martin did some testing and as we expected the performance of pure squeak cryptography is disapointing:

Hans-Martin wrote:
"Ok, I did some measurements. Results are pretty disappointing.
Squeak on my AMD 3800+ processor encrypts 32 KBytes using 3DES CBC mode in about 8 seconds - unusable for anything but a proof-of-concept.
Therefore I think that DES (and maybe some other small cryptographic
primitives) should be part of the base VM."

The DESPlugin is already a part of the VMMaker, I am asking the VM group to please include the DESPlugin in the base VM that is distrubuted. We will be submitting more code and will follow the process of code -> VMMaker -> VM. If the VM team wants to wait before building a new VM's until other primitives are available, that is fine, but if a build is going to be done anyway for other issues, please include the DESPlugin.

Thank you for your help!
Ron Teitelbaum
Cryptography Team Leader
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10-12-06 20:15   
From: Robert Withers
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2006 11:50 AM

Ron, I don't believe the DESPlugin is part of VMMaker. It is part of our DES package and it is confused about it's superclass. Steps to get the DESPlugin into an image with VMMaker:

1) take 3.7 image, which has VMMaker loaded.
2) load Cryptography package from SqueakMap (no Monticello in 3.7)
3) respecify the superclass of DESPlugin to be InterpreterProxy.
4) run VMMaker and generate plugin

The 3.8/3.9 image has no VMMaker in it and the VMMaker on SqueakMap is in an inconsistent state.

I hope this helps,
10-12-06 20:15   

Thank you for that clarification. I thought that it was already included.


Since it is not part of the VMMaker can we have it included? What specifically do you need from us to make this happen? Does the plug-in need to be pulled out of our code and submitted separately? I attached a st file of the plug-in.

10-12-06 21:01   

That fileout has ProtoObject as the superclass, that needs to be replaced with InterpreterPlugin, I believe is the correct superclass - not InterpreterProxy.


I replaced the uploaded file with Rob's version
10-12-06 21:04   
Ok I uploaded a << Please use this file.
12-29-07 03:41   
OK, I can include the DES plugin but someone needs to bring it up to date;
swap the _ assigns for := assigns
remove the silly comments ("who is keyser soze" for example)
use the 64bit clean types such as usqInt instead of unsigned long
use the 64bit clean macros such as byteAtPointer()
05-27-08 18:16   
Reminder sent to: Ron

Since I'm trying to update VMMaker, you might like to update the plugin code as per my last note.
08-07-08 00:29   
Reminder sent to: Ron

Any progress on this?
12-11-15 03:20   
Discussed and agreed on vm-dev list [^]

Remove DSAPlugin from VMMaker (trunk and oscog both), and refer instead
to the version in the Cryptography repository. This enables inclusion
of three other Cryptography plugins from that repository, and also puts
responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the DSAPlugin with the
Cryptography team.

DSAPlugin has been removed from VMMaker and VMMaker.oscog, and build script will now refer to Crytography.
12-11-15 03:50   
DSAPlugin has been removed from VMMaker and VMMaker.oscog, and build script will now refer to Crytography.