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529 Jasmine feature N/A 11-15-04 19:11 12-15-04 18:36
0000529: New Ase loader feature
I've written an ASE loader that works like the mdl loader from the zoomnavigator. I'm "reporting" here, in that in addition to the cs, users will need to install files in the "Content" and "Icons" directory included in the attached zip file. See the readme in the attached zip file for information on installation and details about the cs. I've tested this on pc and mac where Croquet was updated to include update 0000151. It'll break if your Croquet is not patched to this level.

11-15-04 21:12   
I couldn't upload the zip file to mantis. It is available here: [^]

Also, the reference to 0000151 above is the update level. It is not supposed to be a link to bug 0000151. (Mantis converts it to a bug link for you!)
12-15-04 18:36   
Outstanding issues with the ASE loader:
1. It requires the ASE model and textures to be in the data directory of any
machine that receives the meta message to load. In the future, this code should change to look for a cached copy or, if needed, from the worldbase.
2. It is possible/likely that the ASE loader will break upon further Croquet update, especially with updates to TLoad3DSMax.