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5362 Browser major always 11-04-06 15:26 07-17-08 03:08
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0005362: BrowserCommentTextMorph causes way too much screen damage!
BrowserCommentTextMorph was added so class comments would show up in their own pane. But there is lots of invalidation of the screen between each time the pane is shown or deleted, or it's content changes. This make the update of the browser slow. You can view the screen damage by turning on Preference debugShowDamage

11-05-06 02:19   
I tracked the issue down to SystemWindows>>addPaneSplitters which removes and adds pane splitters when the comment pane is added to the bottom of the browser.
I'm not sure how to fix the issue, maybe hiding and showing the pane is better than deleting and reinstalling it.
The root cause of the problem seem to be Morph>>privateAddMorph:atIndex: which do a lot of invaliditation that cause a massive redraw when it's sent.
11-06-06 22:39   
Ok, I think I fixed the issue. Adding morphs needed a position of the morph added otherwise the morph would be added in the top left corner.
07-15-08 01:49   
if this issue is fixed, then where is the resolution?
07-17-08 03:08   
Hi Karl, Hi matthew,

It seems to me that the BrowserCommentTextMorph and its sometimes pane are the cause of more bugs than you are mentioning here.

The cost/benifit is for me to high and my general opinion it that reversion and simplification are called for.

What I don't know is how to get a general concensus to do that.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace