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3.8-05 #552 open  
0005453: Command- keystrokes and Control-clicks in Squeakland plugin are intercepted by Firefox 2.0
I just tried to use the Squeakland plugin on my Mac Mini. I'm running the most recent version of Tiger (10.4.8), and I have a Squeakland image that I just downloaded.

I'm using Firefox 2.0 as a browser.

* Got a SyntaxError on loading a project (reported separately)

* Trying to use the "mail bug report" menu choice from the debugger, I can't use Cmd-S to do an "accept". In fact, all Cmd- keys are intercepted by Firefox. Unfortunately, there is no text context menu in the "mail bug report" text editor.

* Control-clicks are sent to both Squeak and Firefox, sometimes resulting in both context menus coming up.

* Install Firefox 2.0
* Download and install Squeakland plugin
* Run a project
* Bring up a text editor of some sort
* Try to accept using Cmd-S or try Ctrl-click
on a PPC platform

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