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5719 Morphic major always 01-11-07 01:14 01-11-07 01:14
new 3.8  
0005719: In Squeak 6665 using halos to rotate the squeak logo's nose will get an DNU
For this one open a fresh sq 6665 (I use 3.9a-6665 with all changes from 3.0)
Get a halo around the nose of the squeak logo and use the blue handle to rotate.

Several DNU boxes will come up.
saying nil does not understand composite with.

Some time the emerency evaluator comes up instead.

the nil in question is the transform for the object which is used before initialization when the message #rotateBy: is sent.

When I patach that so that to get the default identity transformation. Things worked but I soon ran into a space low loop.

This is probably one more symptom of problems that Matrix transformation stuff needs to sort out.

I include it here because of how easy it is to find. And it represents one more way to test when the problems are solved.

child of 0005560new  MatrixTransformationMorph needs examining and fixing. 

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